Canton Parks

Canton Township prides itself on providing an excellent system of parks which offer a variety of activities for residents, plus a place for families to gather for picnics and other outdoor activities. Park pavilions, gazebo, and the Amphitheater in Heritage Park are available for rental by community groups and individuals. To locate a park near you, please check out our Canton Township Facilities, Parks, and Open Spaces Map.

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Spring/Summer status of Canton Parks 

Updated: June, 2020 
All parks and trails remain open. Park playgrounds, pavilions, and washroom facilities have re-opened. Park visitors should use them at their own discretion. 

Please note that the splash playgrounds in both Heritage Park and Flodin Park, remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

Canton urges all park users to follow proper CDC protocol and recommended social distancing guidelines. For additional information, contact the Canton Parks office at 734/394-5310. 

Canton Parks Smoking Ban Ordinance 

Starting January 1, 2020, Canton Township has banned smoking in its parks, as well as on Canton Leisure Services facility properties with minor exemptions. This revision to the Canton Code of Ordinances’ Chapter 50 Parks and Recreation section prohibits smoking of tobacco and other substances, as well as the use of vaping products on properties and open spaces. 

Smoking will only be permitted by adults at Pheasant Run Golf Club and Fellows Creek Golf Club in designated smoking areas. These amendments to the Canton Parks Ordinance were put into effect in an effort to support public health and ensure more enjoyable experiences for all visitors to Canton’s parks and open spaces. For additional information, contact the Canton Park Office at 734/394-5310 .

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Park Rules

Canton Township requires that all residents and guests abide by the Ordinances and Rules set up by the Township. For the enjoyment and safety of everyone using Canton's parks, we thank you for paying attention to the following:

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times (and please leave nothing behind...)
  • Skateboarding is not allowed in Canton parks
  • All of our parks are open from 6 am - 10 pm
  • Motorized, electrical boats must have Park Superintendent's approval
  • No alcohol is allowed in Canton Parks

Canton Township Ordinances: a complete list of park rules is listed in Chapter 50-Leisure Services.